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What is Āyurveda?
Āyurveda is a system of wellness deeply rooted in nature.
It recognizes that true healing requires alignment with the five elements:
These elements combine to form three dosha (bio-energetic conditions).
Your unique dosha balance determines your overall well-being.
kapha = EARTH + WATER

Kapha dosha is made up of the two elements water and earth which provide structure and cohesion. Imbalanced kapha can cause overweight and depression. It is present in the late winter and during the spring when the environment is damp, heavy, and colder.
pitta = FIRE

 The Āyurveda dosha called pitta is governed by fire. Balanced pitta is important primarily for all digestive and heating processes in your body. When imbalanced, pitta can cause tempers to flare! It is increased in the late spring and summer months when the weather is hot.
vata = AIR + SPACE

The combination of space and air together form vata dosha.
Vata is the energy that governs your mental and physical activity. Imbalanced vata creates anxiety, restlessness, and dehydration. Vata is increased when the weather is dry and windy: in fall and early winter.
Yoga + Āyurveda

The practices of Yoga + Āyurveda offer a holistic path to wellness for your entire being. At Mountain Soul, we recognize that the key to good health is establishing balance at all levels of being.

Here you will learn yoga āsana (postures), prānāyāma(breathing practices), botanical spa therapies, and meditation for optimal wellness. With mindful dietary and self-care considerations, you can begin to cleanse your body of toxins and eliminate inflammation. You will be invited to experience the fullness of life by caring for your mental and emotional well-being, developing simple and sincere spiritual connection, nurturing your relationships, and aligning with your heart's creative vision.

Through every Mountain Soul offering, we are devoted to supporting your journey into creating your most meaningful life. Once you know your unique dosha combination, we will provide recommendations for your optimal wellness– mind, body, and spirit.

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Guest teachers, workshops & retreats. Attend one of our upcoming events.
Relax in our Soul Treatment Studio in the care of our seasoned spa therapists
Attend a yoga class in the Mountain Studio. Root, align, and flow with intention.
Discover Soul Journeys for deeper Self-care, to honor your body’s innate wisdom.
Learn how to effectively teach others in a way that is nurturing for the whole being.
Meet the wellness experts who make your Mountain Soul experiences extraordinary.
Inspired by Nature
At Mountain Soul we draw inspiration from the natural elements to set the tone and pace of our yoga classes.
 These classes invite you into a deeper experience of your own body and mind, as you align with the rhythms of nature.
Each class reflects the distinct personality and strengths of the teacher.
You can expect to root, align, and flow with intention.
Today in the Mountain Studio

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