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Body Treatments
& Whole Wellness
 Receive a 1-hour custom Relaxation & Relief Massage for only $99 when you book by June 1, 2023.  
Body Treatment Menu
Relaxation & Relief
Whether you want a rigorous sports massage or simply to relax, this therapeutic massage treatment is customized for you. Opt for deep pressure to relieve specific muscle groups or enjoy a peaceful flow. Your massage includes an aromatherapy experience to balance your Ayurvedic constitution.
30/60/90 min.    $75/$150/$185

Altitude Adjustment
Created to address high altitude symptoms, this relaxing massage includes a therapeutic blend of essential oils. Customized pressure and marma point therapy relieves headache, insomnia, congestion and fatigue.
30/60 min.     $75/$150

Mountain Abhyanga
First, enjoy an invigorating dry-brush treatment to exfoliate your skin and prepare it for your optimal glow. Then, settle in for deep relaxation as warm brahmi oil is applied using long and fluid therapeutic strokes. 21 Ayurvedic herbs provide healing balance for your body and mind. 
60 min.    $150

Prenatal Massage
This treatment nurtures and nourishes the mama-to-be with her specific care considerations. Optional aromatherapy balances her entire being while Ayurvedic herbs support her wellness journey.
60 min.    $150

Duo Treatment
Share your massage experience with someone you care about in our spacious treatment room. Situated with a mountain town view, our therapists will provide the two of you with side-by-side massages. 
60/90 min.    $310/$380

Colorado River Stone
Hot and cool stones are applied with various stroke techniques to relieve stiff, sore muscles. This treatment will help to align you with nature's rhythms and sooth your mountain soul.
90 min.    $195

4-Hand Abhyanga
Let go of all tension and stress, while two skilled massage therapists synchronize their pressure and flow to provide a unique Ayurvedic treatment that induces next-level relaxation. Ayurvedic oils utilize 21 healing herbs to provide therapeutic balance for your body and mind.
60 min.   $310

Soul Foot Treatment
Begin with an aromatic foot soak with purifying herb infusions and essential oils. Receive an invigorating, detoxifying scrub to your feet and lower legs. A soothing foot mask is applied and wrapped. After the mask is removed, your feet and lower legs are treated to a soul-reviving massage.
45 min.   $85

Golden Crown
An applied face-mask provides moisture replenishment for a radiant glow, while you delight in a warm drizzle of nourishing oils over your forehead, temples and crown. Receive a face, scalp and neck massage, utilizing marma-point therapy to calm your mind and inspire your optimal well-being.
45 min.   $85

Moisture Recovery Wrap
Your body is massaged and wrapped in rich, nourishing butters, while a customized face mask replenishes your skin. Retreat into deep relaxation as marma point therapy is applied to your head, neck and shoulders.
90 min.   $185
Treatment Enhancements
Enhance your body treatment with a specialty add-on. No time is added, just customized products, attention, and care. $30 each

Reduce pain and inflammation, improve skin health and muscle recovery.

Chakra Gemstones
Smooth crystal palm stones are placed at specific marma points along your central channel to add their balancing and restorative powerYou keep the stones. 

Dry Brushing*
An invigorating exfoliation to slough-off dead skin cells for your most optimal glow. You keep the (2) brushes. 

Rose Quartz Crystal Luxury Eye Mask 
Applied to detoxify, hydrate, and refresh the delicate tissue around your eyes while you receive your massage

Face Mask
Applied to purify, calm, exfoliate and deeply moisturize your face while you receive your massage.
Includes face marma therapy.

Foot Soak & Scrub*
A hydrating shea butter scrub, and marma therapy treatment soothes aching feet and improves circulation to tired legs.

Hand/Foot Wrap•
A rich mask of shea and cupuacu butters, essential oils and CBD is applied to moisturize parched hands and feet.

Scalp Ritual
Essential oils + healing herbs provide stimulation to your crown encouraging hair growth, oxygenation, circulation, and a peaceful mind.

Sacred Smudge
A sage smudging ritual clears away any negative energy as you set an intention for your treatment. Take home a gift: smudge bundle and energy stones.

* added to 90 min. treatments
Massage School
for Two

Learn to give your partner, friend, or family member a therapeutic spa massage like the pros! This three-hour experience is both instructional and deeply relaxing. You will learn professional techniques to offer spa quality bodywork to your loved ones at home. Complete your class with relaxation as you receive a 60 min. DUO Massage experience from our spa therapists ($310 value). 
Each participant receives: 
  • 1 hour of massage instruction from a seasoned pro.
  • 1 hour of hands-on massage practice from their partner.
  • 1 hour of professional massage treatment to relax and enjoy. 
  • Take home massage mini-manual.
  • Soul Artist Signature Blend Massage Oil. 

Total time is 3 hours.  
(per couple) 
This experience will be available for a limited time.
Whole Wellness
Soul Journeys
Whole Wellness Menu
Ayurveda Consultation
Awaken your body’s innate wisdom. Ayurveda—the “science of life”—helps you find balance through simple daily rituals, lifestyle considerations, and powerful herbal remedies. It’s all about you and your own unique needs.
Receive personalized information and inspiration to implement action steps toward your optimal wellness. Includes a take-home assessment.
45 min.   $108

Quantum Energy Healing
Each session is a unique healing journey, divinely guided by your counsel of light.
At the foundation of your quantum energetic healing session is Reiki, pronounced RAY-KEY, enhanced with intention to create space within by releasing trauma from your subconscious. Delve deep into the free flow of energetic healing to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Together we will call in your individual life force energetic frequency and signature to enhance your natural ability to heal. InJoy the release of physical stress and tension, clear energetic blocks and wounds, and activate and align the seven primary chakras centers. Bless yourself with this quantum healing gift to receive balancing, clarity, deep relaxation, grounding, and living a harmonious life.
Comfortable and loose clothing is recommended for your session.
60 min.   $111

Private Yoga Instruction
Receive personalized attention to fine-tune your yoga and adapt it to your specific needs. Learn alignment and modifications for your body. The one-on-one attention will give you an opportunity to ask questions and deepen your practice, whether you are a new or seasoned practitioner.
60 minutes | $125 individual
+ $20 each additional person

Equilibrium Physical Therapy
Are you a yogi who has or had an injury, pain, or some other physical limitation that prevents you from showing up fully for your practice? Or maybe you are someone just getting started with yoga and want some guidance on how to avoid or take care of current or past injury?
Physical Therapy for Yogis are one-on-one focused sessions designed to empower you and liberate your yoga practice. Carrie Eckenhoff, an orthopedic fellowship-trained doctor of physical therapy, will establish a plan with you that will include skilled hands-on treatment (and dry needling if desired), neuromuscular training, and a personalized home program. Carrie is a yogi/ restorative yoga teacher and is currently working towards her 200-hr full yoga teacher certification with Inner Power Yoga.
60 minutes | $170

Soul Artist Awakening
Soul Artist Awakening with R.R. Shakti, PhD, provides an inside-out approach to personalized self care in the form of dream analysis, creative therapy, mind/body practices, nature rituals, and the archetypal wisdom of Contemplative Mythology & Depth Psychology. Recognize the myths that limit you. Embrace the stories that empower you...with skilled guidance every step of the way.
60 minutes | $195
Duo 60 minutes | $165/person
Small group (3+ people) | $125/person
56 Edwards Village Blvd. #204 Edwards CO. 81632
Guest teachers, workshops & retreats. Attend one of our upcoming events.
Relax in our Soul Treatment Studio in the care of our seasoned spa therapists
Attend a yoga class in the Mountain Studio. Root, align, and flow with intention.
Discover Soul Journeys for deeper Self-care, to honor your body’s innate wisdom.
Learn how to effectively teach others in a way that is nurturing for the whole being.
Meet the wellness experts who make your Mountain Soul experiences extraordinary.

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