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Ayurveda Consultation
Awaken your body’s innate wisdom. Ayurveda—the “science of life”—helps you find balance through simple daily rituals, lifestyle considerations, and powerful herbal remedies. It’s all about you and your own unique needs.
Receive personalized information and inspiration to implement action steps toward your optimal wellness. Includes a take-home assessment.
45 min.   $108

Private Yoga Instruction
Receive personalized attention to fine-tune your yoga and adapt it to your specific needs. Learn alignment and modifications for your body. The one-on-one attention will give you an opportunity to ask questions and deepen your practice, whether you are a new or seasoned practitioner.
60 minutes | $125 individual
+ $20 each additional person

Therapeutic Yoga with Equilibrium Physical Therapy
Are you a yogi who has or had an injury, pain, or some other physical limitation that prevents you from showing up fully for your practice? Or maybe you are just getting started with yoga and want some guidance on how to avoid or take care of current or past injury?
Therapeutic Yoga are one-on-one focused sessions designed to empower you and liberate your yoga practice. Carrie Eckenhoff, an orthopedic fellowship-trained doctor of physical therapy, will establish a plan with you that will include skilled hands-on treatment (and dry needling if desired), neuromuscular training, and a personalized home program.
Carrie completed her 200-hour yoga education with Inner Power Yoga and teaches a regular class at the studio on Tuesdays at 9:00 am.
60 minutes | $170

Soul Artist Awakening
Soul Artist Awakening with R.R. Shakti, PhD, provides an inside-out approach to personalized self care in the form of dream analysis, creative therapy, mind/body practices, nature rituals, and the archetypal wisdom of Contemplative Mythology & Depth Psychology. Recognize the myths that limit you. Embrace the stories that empower you...with skilled guidance every step of the way.
60 minutes | $195
Duo 60 minutes | $165/person
Small group (3+ people) | $125/person

Healing Experiences with Dana Knerl
 Reiki and Intuitive Guidance
Are you ready to take your holistic healing to the next level? Reiki means "universal life force energy". It is a gentle touch therapy and a form of ancient Japanese energy healing. The flow of healing organic energy is channeled into the receiver's body. Reiki can decrease stress and anxiety, reduce pain, promote balance and well-being, and relieve insomnia. Energetic feedback received during the session will be shared and holistic healing guidance is offered.
60 min.   $200

Akashic Records Reading
This is truly a transformational experience! The word akasha means "ether" or "space". The Akashic Records are the energetic imprint of every soul's journey. This is a form of intuitive reading and healing that offers a universal view of your life and all that is connected to you. In this session Dana combines Akashic insight with master energy healing techniques to help you experience profound energetic shifts and deep healing.
50 min.   $250

Healing Experiences with Jen Harrison
 1 on 1 mindfulness coaching: 
Jen Harrison is a local mindfulness and wellness coach.  She provides tools and practices to help you find your purpose and joy in life.  You’ll learn how to turn challenges into growth opportunities.  Jen has a unique and inspiring approach to help you design and take action on creating a life you love.
60 min. | $170

Energy Healing Sessions:
Jen combines Reiki and European energy techniques for a rejuvenating healing experience.  These sessions are designed to harmonize the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.  Techniques include channeling light to your chakras, organs, mind, meridians, aura, and other places in need of balance.  Jen will assist you in connecting with yourself on a deep level and providing access to expanded awareness, inner peace, gratitude, and joy.
60 min. | $170

Guest teachers, workshops & retreats. Attend one of our upcoming events.
Relax in our Soul Treatment Studio in the care of our seasoned spa therapists
Attend a yoga class in the Mountain Studio. Root, align, and flow with intention.
Discover Soul Journeys for deeper Self-care, to honor your body’s innate wisdom.
Learn how to effectively teach others in a way that is nurturing for the whole being.
Meet the wellness experts who make your Mountain Soul experiences extraordinary.
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